District:- Ri Bhoi

Mawkyrdep Village falls under Bhoi Rymbong C&RD block of Ri-Bhoi district in the state of Meghalaya. The village is at a distance of 70 Kms from Nongpoh, the district headquarters of Ri Bhoi District and is at a total distance of 42 Kms from the state capital, Shillong.. It falls under Khyrim Syiemship with a total geographical area of 165.17 ha and a total population of 726 villagers.

  1. Ground Truthing

 Dated: 30th May 2019

The CLLMP team met with Jibansius Ramshon on the 30th of May 2019, headman of Mawkydep village who was able to provide the team with the required details for site verification. This village was suggested by the BDO of Bhoirymbong Block.

Case Findings: 

  1. There are 130 HHs, 14 HHs falls under BPL category.
  2. VEC actively performing.
  3. Approximately 30-35 acres of community forest they have.
  4. Need a research by hydrologist to determine the method to increase water discharge, as per finding the water source is covered with forest still the discharge is very less.
  5. Huge areas of paddy fields left unirrigated. The productivity of the land is decreasing.
  6. Majority of HHs cultivated tomatoes which they need interventions to change to organic farming.
  7. The village has two sources of drinking water, ten springs and one river (Um mluh).


2. Sensitization Programme

Dated : 10.06.2019

The sensitization programme at Mawkyrdep Village took place on the 10 th of June 2019 at the Community Hall of Mawkyrdep Village. The headman of Mawkyrdep Village, Mr. Ibansius Ramchon presided over the programme. Almost  a hundred and thirty (130) villagersattended the sensitization program making it a huge success.

The Assistant Manager (Knowledge management), Ms. Fondaliza Sohphoh gave a detailed introduction to the Community led Landscape Management Project(CLLMP) and the different procedures that the villagers and the CLLMP team should carry out during the course of the project and the importance of the involvement of the community for the CLLM-Project to be a success.

The Assistant Manager (Environmental management),Mr. Reuben Mendakor Shabong gave a brief introduction on Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA) and elucidated about the various programmes and projects that MBMA is working on, but mainly focused on the Community Led Landscape Management Project (CLLMP). He also spoke about the different aspects and procedures of the project and gave due importance on the environmental aspects of the project.

The Assistant Manager (Social Management), Mrs. Baiahunlang Kurbah spoke on the social aspects of the Community Led Landscape Management Project by giving numerous examples. She also enlightened the various benefits that the villagers could obtain from the project.

Signing of Documents: After the interactive session, the village signed the EOI, VGA and Green charter followed by the selection of candidates for the Village Natural Resource Management Committee. The Village Executive Committee (VEC) and the entire community carried out the procedure and elected the members of the VNRMC on the same day.

The Formation of the Village Natural Resource Management Committee was done in a public meeting in the presence of the entire village and the CLLMP staffs. The community itself chose the President, the Secretary and the other executive members of the Committee.

  1. Opening of bank account and training on Accounts. 

The opening of the bank account was initiated after the village signed the EOI (Expression of Interest), the VGA (Village Grant Agreement) and the Green Charter. Umdohbyrthih village opened their VNRMC account on the 17th of August 2019. Ms. Darilang Marboh, Accountant of CLLMP Ri Bhoi District trained the Purchasing and Procurement Committee of Bhoirymbong Block including members from Mawkydep Village on matters relating to Accounts and Book Keeping on the 13th of September 2019.




  1. PRA Exercise

The PRA exercise aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of the community in the planning and management of development projects and programmes. PRA exercise at Mawkyrdep Village took place on the 20th of March 2019. There were a total of 129 villagers taking part in this exercise who contributed their time and knowledge to this project.





Findings Based on the PRA Exercise  at Mawkyrdep Village:

  1. Main agricultural produce is Paddy
  2. Villagers also cultivate Ginger but most of the fields are not in the village
  3. Four types of forest ownership: Community, Private, Church owned and Government
  4. Four springs are present in the village with two already developed but needs more work.
  5. Four main streams flow through the village
  6. Five water tanks available
  7. Two Check dams already present
  8. Bamboo is present in abundance in the village
  9. Jhum is also practiced but mainly away from the village area by the villagers.
  10. Paddy fields are prone to flooding during rainy season

Priority Interventions required based on the PRA Exercise:

  1.  Three check dams needed: Two for irrigation purposes and one for drinking water but is present in Mawpdang village. The village has land deeds and written documents for lease of the spring to be developed as a water source.
  2. Further development of two springs which already have prior work on them. But two other springs are not yet developed
  3. Community forest needs Afforestation
  4. Community nursery for endemic, medicinal plants and trees
  5. Desire to conserve orchids in the village
  1. Training on the Development of the Community Natural Resource Management Plan (CNRMP)

With the completion of the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Exercise, a joint training to help the VNRMCs of Bhoirymbong Block develop their Community Natural Resource Management Plan or CNRMP was organized on the 13th of September 2019 at the Community Hall of Umdohbyrthih Village. Members of the Village Natural Resource Management Committee from Mawkyrdep Village were also present for the training.

Mr. Jyswill Nongpiur, Manager of Environment Management along  with Mr. Reuben Shabong, Assistant Manager for Environment Management discussed on the different types of plans that can be adopted by the villages and stressed on the need for more holistic and sustainable plans which will benefit the community as a whole.



6. Project Implementation





Type Of Intervention



             Site Name



                            GPS Co-ordinates


Amount Sanctioned Work Status




Madan Kangian









₹ 3,36,500.00










 Type Of Intervention


Site Name



GPS Co-ordinates


 Amount Sanctioned

 Work Status

Contour trenches Umdaita 25°41’27.09″N 92° 3’34.98″E  

₹ 66,320.00




Fund Status

Name of the Village

Total No. of Work Orders Issued Total amount Issued under CLLMP (Per Activity) Budget Entitlement as per Work Order Total amount Released
Mawkyrdep Village 2 Contour Trenches (66,320)

Vermi composting (3,36,500)

 ₹ 4,02,820.00

₹ 4,32,820.00