As the sun rises over Tyrsad Umkseh, a village embraced by the nurturing arms of the Mawphlang block, the spirit of Women’s Day dances on the breeze. Here, amidst the rolling hills and whispered tales of resilience, a young woman stands as a testament to the strength and determination of her gender.

Born into the humble embrace of a stalwart stall owner, she embodies the essence of empowerment, gracefully juggling two roles with a resilience likened to the mountains that watch over her village. Thanks to the transformative interventions of CLLMP, she has discovered newfound opportunities that have illuminated her path.

By day, she presides over a quaint tea stall, where the fragrant symphony of brewing leaves intertwines with the vibrant symphony of community life. With each cup poured, she pours warmth and camaraderie into the hearts of her fellow villagers.

As night falls like a soft embrace, she transforms into a skilled tailor, her nimble fingers weaving tales of silent strength into every stitch. Through her artistry, she captures the essence of her community, stitching together stories of resilience and hope.





Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of Women’s Day, exemplifying the triumph of women breaking free from the shackles of tradition and drudgery. Through her inspiring example, the village blossoms with newfound unity, prosperity, and promise for the future.

On this special day, let us celebrate not only her journey but the countless women around the world who embody the spirit of resilience and empowerment. Together, let us continue to nurture a world where every woman has the opportunity to thrive, to shine, and to shape a brighter tomorrow for generations to come. Happy Women’s Day!





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