In Meghalaya, small and marginal farmers have not yet leveraged farm mechanization and remain heavily reliant on traditional agricultural methods. This can be attributed to a lack of awareness regarding the benefits of using agricultural tools to enhance productivity and efficiency within shorter timeframes, as well as the limited availability of such machinery in local markets. The scarcity of human labour and increasing cultivation costs are compounding these challenges further. However, in Tomongpo Anglong Village, Ri Bhoi, Hejew Klien, driven by a lifelong passion for invention, has taken it upon himself to address these inefficiencies in agricultural practices.

Hejew has invented an innovative, cost-effective power tiller and threshing machine by repurposing components from a discarded two-wheeler, specifically the engine of a TVS motorcycle (120 CC). His invention has proven immensely beneficial to his fellow farmers. Initially, he supported his family, friends, and villagers by providing access to his innovative machines. Over time, his contributions have had a profound impact on farming processes in the region. For example, tasks that used to require a week of effort from a team of seven people can now be completed by just two individuals in a mere two days.

To support his innovative endeavours, CLLMP has provided funding of Rs. 1.2 lakhs. Hejew currently operates his own workshop and continues to contribute to the advancement of agriculture in Ri Bhoi. To date, he has successfully fabricated more than five sets of threshing machines, and his innovative creations have steadily gained traction, resulting in a steady income stream.

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