A key factor during the initial phase of the CLLMP is creating awareness. This is crucial and this creates the foundation for the implementation of the project. INRM component is given special importance during awareness programmes and there is stress put on sustainable development. East Jaintia Hills has been plagued with issues stemming from mining which has caused the landscape to be highly degraded. Deinsatlang is one such village under CLLMP located in Khliehriat Block, East Jaintia Hills. Various activities have taken place under the project.


In picture: A group photo of an awareness programme at Deinsatlang village in East Jaintia Hills where all adult community members take part in the proceedings.

In picture: In a recent awareness programme at the village, Mrs. W. Pyrbot spoke on various technical parts of the project and also gave examples of the different types of interventions which can usher in positive changes in the village. She spoke at length on successful interventions such as the Open Lime Channel in Moolawar stream of Mukha Ialong.

In picture: Transact walks are an important feature during site verification as it is here that the CLLMP team is able to verify and select sites for various interventions.

In pictures: A community member is seen signing the Green Charter which gives a sense of ownership towards the project.

In pictures: Mr. J. Pohtmi, the village Headman is seen signing the Expression of Interest which is done in the presence of the Secretary and another witness. The EoI is an acceptance of the project by the community.

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