70-year-old Jorsing Syngkli has been cultivating paddy for decades. However, it was only in recent years that this activity became less stressful for him, thanks to his own innovative clean farming method that enabled him to effectively manage pests.

Throughout his farming journey, Jorsing always opted for organic alternatives over chemical pesticides. There were two primary reasons for this choice. Firstly, chemical pesticides are expensive, making them an impractical option for him over the long term. Secondly, as a proponent of organic practices, he has found that chemical pesticides are toxic to his garden, his farms, and the environment.

To manage expenses and adhere to his organic principles, Jorsing dedicated years to finding an eco-friendly farming solution for pests by tapping into resources such as well-founded traditional knowledge. Over time, he succeeded in developing a homemade, low-cost organic pesticide that has since demonstrated to be just as effective as its chemical counterparts. Jorsing’s invention has not only provided a solution for his own crops but for fellow all-organic farmers in the region.

CLLMP’s commitment to support and scale up grassroots innovations led to Jorsing’s innovation being funded with Rs 3 lakhs. He has since utilized the support to establish a 5000-square-foot nursery for raising saplings of essential ingredients. A small retail outlet has also been set up for storing and selling his organic pesticide. To date, 600 bottles have been sold to 120 farmers who cultivate across a total of 200 hectares of farmland. Each bottle is priced at only Rs 15, making it an affordable and accessible option for farmers and reducing their dependence on harmful chemicals.

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