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Shngimawlein village is located about 22 km away from Mawkyrwat, the District headquarter of South West Khasi Hills District and 93 km from the head office of MBDA, Shillong. The village lies on the Jakrem-Kynshi road which is towards the North-west of the Shillong-Mawkyrwat Road. The following are the villages en route: Jakrem – Sakwang – nongbah – Jashiar – Mawthawiang – Pyndenmawthawiang, Laitnong – Shngimawlein.


Village Profile

The Dorbar serves as the traditional form of local governance in the village and looks after the administration, safety of villagers as well as overall governance. Apart from the village Dorbar, there is also the Shngimawlein VEC and the recently formed VNRMC which looks after the implementation of the MGNREGA and the World Bank aided CLLMP respectively.

The village is surrounded by rivers and streams, but these water bodies are situated downhill while the residential areas are located uphill. There is one PHE that supplies water to the village. The people also depend on springs and wells as their primary source of water. There are however some seasonal springs and the village usually faces scarcity of water in the months between February-April.

The village has a total of 202 households and a population of 1698. A majority of the people depend on agriculture as a part of their livelihood. The main crops produced are potatoes, rice, maize, sweet potatoes, ham, flamingia etc. Vegetables such as mustard, mint, cabbage, tomato, radish are grown and sold in small quantities at the local markets.

























Dated: 15th November 2018

On 15th November, 2018, the District Project Management Unit (DPMU) visited Shngimawlein village for Ground Truthing.




1. The village has more than 200 HH. Out of the 200 HH, 27% falls under BPL, 47% with ration cards and 26% with health cards.
2. It has an actively performing VEC.
3. Availability of two clan forests
4. The village mostly faces water scarcity as the water source is located downhill whereas the residential area is located uphill Water management is also a huge issue in the village and with no proper access to drinking water and a lack of catchment areas, there has been a rise in community problems.



Dated: 12th December 2019.

The sensitization programme of Shngimawlein village was conducted on the 12th December, 2019. The programme was attended by 200 people and a detailed presentation was given by the DPMU-CLLMP team.

The VNRMC of Shngimawlein was also formed on the same day, the VNRMC also selected the members to the EC as well as six youths as VCF (three main VCFs and three stand by).

Sensitization & formation of Shngimawlein VNRMC



2.1. Signing of Documents

After the interactive session, the village signed the EOI, VGA and Green charter followed by the selection of candidates for the Village Natural Resource Management Committee. The Village Executive Committee (VEC) and the entire community carried out the procedure and elected the members of the VNRMC on the same day.

2.2. Formation of the VNRMC

The Formation of the Shngimawlein Village Natural Resource Management Committee was done in a public meeting in the presence of the entire village and the CLLMP staffs. The community itself chose the President, the Secretary and the other executive members of the Committee.



The opening of the bank account was initiated after the village signed the EOI (Expression of Interest), the VGA (Village Grant Agreement) and the Green Charter.

A Meeting was also held with all members of the Village Natural Resource Management Committee (VNRMC) of Shngimawlein Village where the accountant of the CLLMP team had briefed them before opening the bank account.



The PRA exercise aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of the community in the planning and management of development projects and programmes.

PRA exercise at Shngimawlein Village took place on the 13th December, 2020. There were a total of 220 villagers taking part in this exercise who contributed their time and knowledge to this project.



The Community Natural Resource Management Plan was prepared at a village level meeting held on the 21st January, 2019. A total of 42 men and women from the village, including members of the Village Natural Resource Management Committee (VNRMC) were present to voice their problems and opinion while preparing the Community Natural Resource Management Plan.

Plan Estimate:

The CLLMP Team also made an inspection to the proposed intervention sites of the CNRMP along with the Technical Assistant under Mawkyrwat Block who is responsible for providing the estimates of the plans. The plan estimate for succeeding interventions was done by the Field Engineer, CLLMP.



 Sl. No. Intervention  Estimated Total Cost (INR) Yearly Budget Source of Funding
Y1 Y2 Y3 World Bank Govt Scheme Others
1 SC & Treatment at Domkhlaw 70,500 2019     CLLMP MGNREGA  
2 SC & Treatment at Photlyngdoh 72,500 2019     CLLMP MGNREGA  
3 SC & Treatment at Photkyrtep 70,500 2019     CLLMP MGNREGA  
4 SC & TCA Mawjunai 70,700   2020   CLLMP    
5 SC & TCA Bleinblein 76,300   2020   CLLMP    
6 Community Nursery (10000 Seedlings) 2.97280 2019 2020 2021 CLLMP  



Fund Status


Name of Village Fund Released to VNRMC Total No. of Work Orders Issued

Total amount Issued under CLLMP

(Per Activity)

Total Amount Spent
Shngimawlein 5,73,630 6 ₹ 21,34,200 ₹ 1,29,350

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