District:- West Garo Hills


Chandapara Village falls under Dalu C&RD block in West Garo Hills district in Meghalaya. The village is at a distance of 7 KMs away from Dalu, the largest market under Dalu C&RD Block and 52 KMs away from Tura, the district headquarter of West Garo Hills District. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for most of the households in the village. The village lacks basic infrastructural development such as roads, schools, health care facility and others.

Village Profile

Chandapara came into existence /established in the year 1910, with very less population, comprising of only Garo community. It is situated 7 kms away from sub-district headquarter Dalu and 52 kms away from district headquarter Tura. The community inhabitants in the village are Garos and the land is owned by the Aking Nokma. Chandapara village has around 79.6% literacy rate according to 2011 census.

Public transport facilities such as buses and mini-vans are available at specific timings everyday. The community travel via these public transport and sometimes by their own transport such as bike or cars.

The village is still highly dependent on fire woods for cooking. Some of the main issues faced by the community are, the lack of educational institutes, no proper supply of safe drinking water, lack of roads connectivity, absent of hospitals and electricity.

Chandapara has a total population of 656 with 124 Households. Out of 656, 335 are male while the female count is 321. The village has 58 children in the age group of 0-4 years (32 male and 26 female), 215 members in the age group of 4-18 years (101 male and 114 female), 246 members in the age group of 18 – 55 years (131 male and 115 female) and 137 members are above 55 years (71 male and 66 female).

Agriculture is the major occupation of people in the village where they cultivate mostly horticulture crops and some agricultural crops. Around 112 HH are said to be farmers, 8 HH with the occupation of teacher, 2 HH nurse with another 2 HH working in the police departments.


Only 65 HHs can have the facilities and the opportunity to access the health cards out of 124 HH. Whereas 96 HH have the access towards ration card.




  1. Ground Truthing

 Dated: 11th December 2018

On the 11th December, 2018 the District Project Management Unit (DPMU) of West Garo Hills District met with the VEC secretary and a few village elders of Chandapara village for Ground Truthing.

Children walking a kilometre away to fetch water for drinking

Waste Land at Chandapara


Case Findings: 

1. The village has 124 HH.
2. There is no safe drinking water supply. The source of drinking water are the streams, wells etc.
3. Transportation facilities: There is very less and timely public transportation which is bus and winger.
4. Banking Facilities: Banking facilities is also a part of their challenges where they have to travel up to Dalu market.
5. Public health centre is very limited including the hospitals are very far.
6. There is no proper facilities for irrigation hence the community members have to depend on rainy season.


2. Sensitization Programme

Dated : 11th December 2018

The sensitization programme took place on the 11th of December, 2018. It saw an attendance of 43 participants comprising of village headman, VEC secretary, village elders, women groups, youths and CLLMP Assistant Managers – Environment, Social and M&E.

During the programme the community were sensitized about the project and activities that can be undertaken in the project.

It was followed by an open discussion, in which many queries were raised by the community members. After responding to all the queries, the DPMU team initiated a discussion on the formation of a VNRMC, selection of Village facilitators, opening of bank accounts and the project goals.



DPMU interacting with the community during the sensitization programme

Stream near the paddy cultivation field



The opening of the bank account was initiated by the DPMU team.

A discussion before opening the bank account was also initiated.


4. PRA Exercise

Dated : 1st March 2019

The PRA exercise aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of the community in the planning and management of development projects and programmes.

PRA exercise at Chandapara village took place on 1st March 2019. Community members including the village headman, VNRMC members, Village facilitators and women from Self Help Groups participated and contributed their time and knowledge to this exercise.



5. Development of the Community Natural Resource Management Plan (CNRMP)

Dated : 01st March 2019

The Community Natural Resource Management Plan was prepared on the 1st of March, 2019 on the same day after conducting the PRA exercise. The headman, VNRMC members, women and youth from the village were present to voice their problems and opinion while preparing the Community Natural Resource Management Plan.

The community was being informed that CNRM plan preparation is mainly to understand the natural resources of the village, requirement of plans and activities propose by the community. During the CNRM plan preparation the social and resource map was also being done and the community were being asked to navigate and locate their villages’ resources.


Priority 1 & 2 :- Afforestation/Community Nursery at Adu Gittim & Bogai riverside
Priority 3 & 4 :- Spring chamber at Sombalin Chiga , Digrang Chimik, Jongsin Gittim
Priority 5 :- Dug out pond at Jongsin Gittim


Proposed Intervention Sites

Site Inspection

On the 5th November 2019, the district team visited the proposed sites for verification. The site inspection was done by Assistant Manager of Social & Environment Management, Assistant Manager of M&E and CLLMP Field Engineer along with the block technical assistant. The feasibility of the proposed sites were checked and approved accordingly.





GIS Maps

Fund Status

Name of Village

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