In this project Sadhana Forest will focus on increasing the awareness of local people in three
different districts of Meghalaya to the region-specific effects of climate change. Sadhana Forest will
provide training in practical, efficient, and cost-effective techniques that are appropriate to their
specific needs. Interventions would include:
● Training of the local Community Conservation Corp (CCC), Community Natural Resource
Management Committees (CNRMCs), and Self Help Groups (SHGs), as per the agro
climatic conditions and terrain
● Acting as a resource center for the implementation of CNRM plans developed by the

Progress of Implementation of Innovation Fund

Sr. No. 1 – Finalizing the locations and Designing three permanent Immersion Centers in Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo regions

Sadhana Forest had visited all three districts in Meghalaya and communicated the intentions of
starting immersion centers. The local people, seniors and youth and the local officials had reacted
very positively. Many of them were well acquainted with the work of Sadhana Forest from the first
project that was done in 25 villages. Three pieces of land have been identified and the land lease
agreements have been signed by both the Government and the communities.
All three centers were schematically designed by the Sadhana Forest team, utilizing 18 years of
experience in creating sustainable infrastructure in multiple countries.

Sr. No. 2 – Purchasing of used buses and construction materials

Financial progress

The first installment of 161.55 Lakh Rupees was paid by MBMA and fully utilized.
Utilization certificate and copies of supporting bills and vouchers will be sent to MBMA by the end
of September.

Sr. No. 3 – Repurposing of the buses and installation of solar systems, kitchens, toilets

Work on the buses is currently being done at the SRGT Parking Lot at Polo, Shillong. Welding,
carpentry, plumbing and solar electric work are being performed.

Financial progress

The second installment of 161.55 Lakh Rupees is due to be paid by MBMA.

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