District:- Ri Bhoi


Umdohbyrthih Village falls under Bhoirymbong C&RD block of Ri-Bhoi district in the state of Meghalaya. The village is at a distance of 50 Kms from Nongpoh, the district headquarters of Ri Bhoi District, 5 kms from Umsning, the Block Headquarters and is at a total distance of 27 Kms from the state capital, Shillong. It falls under Raid Mawbuh with a total geographical area of 304.47 ha and a total population of 412 villagers.


Village Profile

In Umdohbyrthih Village, the traditional form of governance prevails where the village head is the Rangbah shnong. There is a Village Employment Council (VEC) that oversees the implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and other developmental works. Besides women representation in the VEC, the village women are members of a women only village based organization that provides them a platform for decision making on various issues pertaining to the village.

The main source of livelihood is agriculture. The Village not only produces cash crops but also various fruits and vegetables.

There is only one schools inside the village. The health dispensary is 17km away; the nearest Bank is about 1km away and the Post office is also 1 km from the village.

There are a number of streams and springs in and around the village.

As per Census 2011, Umroi Umdohbyrthih population is 436, out of which 221 are males and 215 are females. This village has 40 children in the age group of 0-4 years, among them 16 are boys and 24 are girls.

The people of the village rely on agriculture and forest products for their livelihood. The main occupation of the villagers is farming followed by teaching and government employee.



1. Ground Truthing

Dated: 31st May 2019

On 31st May 2019, the District Project Management Unit (DPMU) met Shri. Pynwanbor Sylliang the headman of Umdohbyrthih village under Bhoirymbong C&RD Block for Ground Truthing. He provided the Team with important information regarding the current scenario of the landscape and the natural resource management under his headmanship.








Case Findings:-

  1. There are 80 HHs out of which 32 falls under BPL category.
  2. The VEC is actively performing.
  3. They have approximately about 600 acres of shared community land.
  4. About 40 acres of land are barren land and 10 acres of degraded land which they want to develop.
  5. About 6 acres of agri. field not covered under assured irrigation.
  6. They have two drinking water sources, five springs and three rivers (WahUmroi, Umtyrnah and wah Umdohbyrthih).
  7. 3 acres of land are under stone quarry.


2. Sensitization Programme

Dated: 26th June 2019

The sensitization programme took place on 26th June 2019 at the Community Hall of Umdohbyrthih Village. The headman of Umdohbyrthih Village, Shri. Pynwanbor Sylliang presided over the programme. Around fifty six (56) villagers attended the sensitization program making it a huge success.

The District Project Manager gave a brief introduction on Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA) and elucidated about the various programmes and projects that MBMA is working on, but mainly focused on the Community Led Landscape Management Project (CLLMP). He also spoke about the different aspects and procedures of the project and gave due importance on the environmental aspects of the project.

The Program was followed by an interactive session to answer the doubts and questions of the villagers.

 2.1. Signing of Documents:

After the interactive session, the village signed the Expression of Interest (EOI), the Village Grant Agreement (VGA) and the Green charter.


2.2. Formation of the VNRMC

The Formation of the Village Natural Resource Management Committee was done in a public meeting in the presence of the entire village and the CLLMP staffs. The Village Executive Committee (VEC) and the entire community carried out the procedure and elected the members of the VNRMC on the 26th of June 2019.


3. Opening of Bank Account and Training on Book-Keeping.

Dated: 30th August 2019

The opening of the bank account was initiated after the village signed the EOI (Expression of Interest), the VGA (Village Grant Agreement) and the Green Charter. Umdohbyrthih village opened their VNRMC account on 30th August 2019.

Passbook of Umdohbyrthih VNRMC

Training on Accounts and Book-Keeping

The Accountant of CLLMP Ri Bhoi District trained the Purchasing and Procurement Committee of Umdohbyrthih Village on matters relating to Accounts and Book Keeping on the 13th September 2019.


  1. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA Exercise)

Dated: 12th July 2019

The PRA exercise aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of the community in the planning and management of development projects and programmes.

PRA exercise at Umdohbyrthih Village took place on the 12th July 2019. There were a total of 14 villagers who took part in this exercise.

During the PRA exercise, the CLLMP officials and the community members were divided into groups to carry out the transect walk, fill the Social and Environmental Templates, the Seasonal Calendar, draw the Boundary map the Resource Map the activities conclude with an extensive discussion on the issues and challenges that the community faces and how they can be addressed through the CLLM-Project.


Resource Map drwan by the youths of Umdohbyrthih Village

Findings Based on the resource map prepared by the participants of the PRA Exercise  at Umdohbyrthih Village:

  1. The main agricultural produce are paddy and ginger.
  2. The community forest is located outside the village which is a shared forest with the other Umroi localities of the larger Umroi agglomeration.
  3. There are barren patches of land which are more prevalent in the northern hill slopes near Mawthei village.
  4. There are two main springs for drinking water and two check dams already existing for irrigation of paddy fields.
  5. Bamboo is also present in abundance and is an important resource.
  6. There are roads under Megha lamp and MNREGA.
  7. There are several fish ponds which are under private ownership.
  8. Private forests are also present but in small patches.
  9. There are three streams that emerge from the village and become tributaries of the larger Umiam river that intersects the village in the southern boundary.

Priority Interventions required based on the PRA Exercise:

  1. To increase the discharge for springs
  2. Vermicompost to increase soil Productivity
  3. Paddy cum cultivation
  4. Community nursery for fruit trees and endemic trees
  5. Afforestation activities are needed.

Proposed site for Afforestation.


5. Development of the Community Natural Resource Management Plan (CNRMP)

With the completion of the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Exercise, a training to help the VNRMC develop their Community Natural Resource Management Plan or CNRMP was organized on 13th September 2019 at Umdohbyrthih Village.


Submission of CNRMP Plan for the First Phase

Plan Estimate:

The Field Engineer of the CLLMP Team also made an inspection to the proposed intervention sites of the CNRM Plan Proposed by the VNRMC of Umdohbythih Village.


6. Project Implementation

Sl. No. Type Of Intervention Site Name GPS Co-ordinates Amount Sanctioned Work Status
1. Vermi-Compost


(10 Units)

25°71’76.04″N 91°96’66.66″E Rs. 3,36,500/- Completed
















Sl. No. Type Of Intervention Site Name GPS Co-ordinates Amount Sanctioned Work Status
2. Contour Trenches Khlaw Shnong 25.7215.6”N 91.963696”E ₹ 33,160.00 Completed


Sl. No. Type Of Intervention Site Name GPS Co-ordinates Amount Sanctioned  Work Status
3. Check Dam Lum Umdohbirthih 25.720850”N 91.963940”E ₹ 1,92,730.00 On-Going




Sl.No. Type Of Intervention Site Name GPS Co-ordinates Amount Sanctioned Work Status
4. Nursery Lum Umdohbirthih 25.720850”N 91.963940”E ₹ 1,19,300.00 On-Going



GIS Maps

Fund Status

Name of Village

Fund Released to VNRMC

Total No. of Work Orders Issued

Total amount Issued under CLLMP

(Per Activity)

Total Amount Spent


₹ 15,92,390.00


Vermi Compost

₹ 3,36,500.00

Contour Trenches

₹ 33,160.00

Check Dam

₹ 1,92,730.00


₹ 1,19,300.00




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